The Story of Artifacts of Arabia

Artifacts of Arabia focuses upon the owners' experiences in the Middle East and Asia and successfully captures the mystery of Arabia and the treasures of the Indian Ocean trading history both past and present.

The unique items displayed in the shows take many forms. Firstly, the signature pieces are magnificent Omani doors, usually of teak. These one of a kind and highly sought after pieces can be purchased either restored or completely original. They can also be crafted into stunning coffee tables, armoires, and cabinets using aged and matched Burmese teak with exquisite hand carvings. Beautiful desks constructed from sea chests, tables and chairs, artwork and jewelry complete this part of the collection.

Then there are the classic colonial pieces from India reflecting the British, Dutch, Portuguese, and French influences. These are an increasingly difficult to find in the original and top condition that we offer.

Added to our furniture collections, are our accessories and soft furnishings. The soft furnishings include wall hangings, rugs and carpets, cushion covers and curtains. Accessories include just about everything to complement the theme and satisfy the interior designer and include Afghanistani copper pots, candle sticks, various boxes and chests, picture frames of all types, mirrors, planters and jewelry.

Dave Mowbray was born in Manchester, England in 1959. Although his career was originally in electronics, this in fact led directly to his current profession.

During the Gulf War, David was stationed in the Sultanate of Oman and was responsible for the maintenance of the radar and tracking systems that protected the American and Allied pilots. But it wasn't all action and to pass the time on the mountaintop where he was based, he would purchase old furniture from the surrounding villages and restore them.

With the war long ended, he opened a gallery in Muscat, Oman. David's new career actually continued the long family line of carpenters and antique dealers, and his electronic skills allow him to specialize on high tech lighting applications for the interior design side of the business. Al Majlis Gallery started and was located in a traditionally styled house in Muscat trading in antiques, furniture, art and gifts. We have worked with the specifies, designers, architects on many projects including hotels, villas, and commercial buildings. We work with architectural elements such as ANTIQUE DOORS and then, using our own craftsmen, make up tables and cupboards to customers' specifications.

Now, in Qatar, David continues his projects and moves his shows all around the city of Doha trading in antiques, furniture, art and gifts.

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